how to tap into your intuition

First I must preface that this post isn’t just for women. Men, you have strong intuitions as well. So listen up humans.

Your intuition is your guide and source of infinite wisdom. We often seek answers outside of ourselves – whether through the advice of our friends and family, googling topics such as “What do I do with my life” or “what city do I belong in” or “what career should I have?” (speaking from experience), or even through spiritual teachers and mentors who seem to have all the answers. Although our peers, the internet, and mentors can all be extremely helpful sources of information and opinions, our intuition is the only true knowledge that is specific to YOU and YOUR individual needs as they relate to your life path.  Your intuition can also be referred to as your gut, your inner voice, your highest self, your big S “Self” (as opposed to little s ego “self”), among others. This wisdom is ancient and ancestral – it is usually positive, calm, peaceful, and confident.

Throughout high school and college, during years of distractions and partying, I fell out of touch with my intuition.  I was reacting to the world around me and making decisions from a less-intuitive space, and a more ego-driven space. Oftentimes I would feel “confused” or “stuck” not knowing what decision to make, but really I was just blocking my own inner voice that had the answers all along.  Over the past three years I have been practicing and training the intuition muscle, if you will.  You, too, can tune into your deeper center of knowledge and listen for the calm, quiet, still voice within that tells you which route to choose. Your intuition can communicate with you through words, feelings, images, sounds, knowing/realizations/insights, etc.

So how do we tap into this infinite source of all-knowing ancient and ancestral knowledge? Try these steps out on your own:


If you’re new to meditation, I highly recommend using a meditation app such as Insight Timer to help guide you through a meditative process. You can even search for “intuition” and find meditations that are specifically designed for this exercise. The easiest way to introduce a meditation habit into your life is to listen to them every night before you fall asleep, as it’s a relaxing way to fall and stay asleep throughout the night.

  • Find a quiet space and either lay down or sit up tall, depending on what’s comfortable for you.
  • Take your seat (or lay down) with the intention of listening to your inner guide. Say out loud or to yourself, “I am open to receiving any messages and insights from my highest self/intuition/spirit guides.”
  • Listen and notice the sensations in your body. Place your hand on any places on your body that you may feel tightness, pain, sensation, tingling, etc. Ask yourself again, “I am open to receiving any messages and insights from my highest self/intuition/spirit guides.”
  • Continue asking and listening. When your mind starts to wander, focus on your breath.


Write to your intuition

Another great way to tap into your intuition is to write to it! I recommend meditating for 5-10 minutes prior to completing the steps below to help clear away any thoughts that my be bouncing around in your mind.

  1. Find a quiet, calm space that feels safe and comfortable. Light a candle or incense or turn on your essential oil diffuser.
  2. Bring your attention to the space behind your heart, and take 10 deep breaths to center yourself.
  3. Grab a pen and paper (or your journal) and start writing a letter to yourself, specifically addressed to your intuition.
  4. Then ask your inner voice/intuition a question. Start with something simple such as “How do you feel?” and then write whatever comes first.
  5. Keep writing questions and answers down, without judging or analyzing any of it. If you start to analyze, your ego mind is now trying to take over. If you receive an answer and you’re not sure whether it’s your intuition or ego speaking, remember that your intuition is always calm and peaceful. It doesn’t fear like the ego does.
  6. Repeat this practice daily for 30 days to develop a strong connection to your intuition, which will help you live a more soul-centered life.


A regular yoga practice can help you connect to your body and soul. There are specific yoga postures that can help you connect to your spirit guides and higher powers (crown chakra), as well as your own energy center (solar plexus). This Yoga Journal article provides a sequence of postures to help you boost your intuitive powers.  You’ll notice after taking a yoga class you feel more in touch with your body, mind, and spirit. Listen to your inner voice after class, give your body what it needs, and pay attention to the signs and signals around you.

The answers you seek are inside yourself.



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