How to bring the beach to you

The end of summer blues brings thoughts like, “I wish I had made it to the beach more often” or “I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year to go back to the beach again.” But I’m here to tell you that we don’t need luxurious vacations and expensive spa treatments to relax, unwind, and heal our bodies/minds.

Nature is so healing. And you don’t need to a hug a tree to reap the healing benefits!  Our Earth is here to take care of us. Mother Gaia blessed us with everything we could ever need.

Why do you think it feels so good to be at the beach? The warm sun shines light to brighten your spirits and bring you energy. The cool, salty water washes away your worries (or your hangover), and just lying on the beach roots you into Earth’s strong, grounding vibrations. The air is crisp and fresh, even if just a few hundred feet from the city skyline. This is why we go to the beach for vacation. But not everyone has the pleasure of visiting a beach every day, of course. So how can you bring these healing elements into your everyday life?

Find a park or public outdoor space near your house. I have been feeling a cold coming on this week and today has been the worst of it. I feel groggy, tired, stuffy, congested, and just yucky. I mustered up the little energy I had and walked down to the local park, set up a blanket, and took a nap under a shady tree. I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and kids laughing. I felt so present and content, despite my stuffy nose and itchy throat.  I would encourage you to spend more time outside, even if you live in a city and aren’t sure where one a park is…pull out your map app on your phone and look for green spaces around your home. You’d be surprised to see you’ve been walking past a park all this time and just had no idea it was hiding back there behind the trees! Just simply taking a walk can have the same benefits.

Take more baths. My little bathtub certainly doesn’t compare to the Pacific Ocean, but it does feel cleansing, renewing, and healing in more ways than one. Add a cup of epson salt, light a candle, put on your favorite podcast or guided meditation, and you’ve got yourself a little in-home spa treatment.  I lived in a townhouse for 3+ years that did not have a bathtub (just a standing shower) and I forgot how amazing baths were. But please do yourself a favor and grab a sponge and some DIY home cleaner and scrub that tub down before you get in it because we know it hasn’t been cleaned in months… 🙂

Let the air and sunshine in! Open the windows, curtains, and blinds as much as possible to let fresh air circulate your home. Do you really need the AC running all the time? You’ll conserve energy and money at the same time. Especially during fall/spring months when temperatures are moderate, consider turning off the AC and rolling up those windows.

Walk barefoot in the grass. OK this one might be a little more hippy dippy for you – but hear me out. Another reason we love being on the beach is because it’s one of the only places where it’s acceptable to walk barefoot (and the yoga studio, of course). Whether you recognize it consciously, we feel rooted into the earth and aligned with earth’s grounding energy. We feel a sandy massage between our toes and a taste of freedom. Try taking off your shoes next time you’re in the park or playing barefoot in the yard at a family party. People might stare at you a little while they consider why they hadn’t thought of it themselves…

And do more of whatever it is you like to do at the beach – sleep, read, play, run, volleyball, yoga, meditate, relax….maybe that’s what you’re really missing!

May the beach be with you.


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