A yoga journey continues

As of today, I am officially re-hired at CorePower Hollywood! Finally — my dream of teaching yoga in Southern California is now a reality. Now I just need to find a way to teach on the beach and at yoga retreats….I’ll get there soon!

As I reflect on the past four months in Los Angeles, I feel so much gratitude and excitement for what’s ahead. My body, mind, and spirit has experienced SO much since I moved here. A lot of ups and downs, yin and yang, but that’s the way life is – powered by duality. Without the downs, we can’t appreciate the ups.

I’ve experienced extraordinary spiritual healing through exotic events such as DisclosureFest/Mass Meditation Initiative, Ecstatic Dance, Inner Journey (formerly known as Inner Dance), weekly meetings with my Shaman/Life Coach, meditations at Unplug and The Den in WeHo…plus much, much more. For about two months, I felt like I was floating through life, on the most natural high you can possibly get.

But what goes up, must come down, right?  At the beginning of August (3 months in), I felt a huge pang of homesickness and confusion. My ego mind started questioning my decision to move here, asking questions such as, “why would I leave my amazing life in Baltimore behind?” and “why did I move out here in the first place? what is my purpose in L.A.?” and in the past, I might’ve actually listened to that negative thought pattern. Not anymore.

Yoga has taught me to be the watcher of my thoughts. To listen and recognize when negative thought patterns (ego voices) come storming in to steal the show.  The duality of ego, my heart/inner voice/intuition/God (whatever you prefer to call it – it’s all the same consciousness!) is always calm, cool, collected. And ALWAYS right. And by “right” I mean, it’s in the highest good for all. Because there really is no “right” or “wrong” there are only learning experiences to be had from the decisions we make. That inner voice keeps telling me to trust the process, the Universe has my back, and all will unfold just as it should.

My beautiful mother (who is probably the only person reading this right now) purchased the YogaHealsTheWorld.com domain name for Christmas last year (2017) and I have not done a thing with it, until today.  This year has seemed to pass so quickly, as most years do, but today I’m feeling motivated to start this thing. I’m not sure what it looks like, why I’m doing it, or what the evolution of Yoga Heals The World will be, but I’m ready to take the first step into the unknown and trust the inner voice that’s leading me to take action. I trusted the inner voice that told me to move to Los Angeles, and here I am.

I’m calling on my spirit guides, God, angels, ancestors, soul tribe, friends, yoga instructors, spiritual leaders, yoga students, and anyone else, including YOU, to join me in this soul journey to bliss, good living, and healing.

If everyone in the world did yoga every day, the world would be a better place. This is why yoga heals the world.


Follow my journey on Instagram at @YogaHealsTheWorld.


2 thoughts on “A yoga journey continues

  1. Namaste, My beautiful yogini…of course I will be reading your blog! I remember when you told me how YogaHealsTheWorld came to you! I am just so proud of you! It takes real courage and bravery to listen to your inner wisdom, that guide deep within you, allowing it to challenge you and lead you to your authentic purpose. Most of us in the modern world, get so wrapped up in the easy trappings of our ego, thoughts, monkey-mind or whatever we call it, that tells us we need to follow the ‘right’ path (career, money, stuff, etc…).
    Like you said, there is no right or wrong when we listen deeply there is truth and that is what is right for each of us, individually. We all come with a unique gift to offer the world. Thats what makes humanity special. We have to re-member and listen to find that voice so that we don’t all fall in line chasing the same things. When we go for what is true and purposeful it leads us to our calling. My choices at your age were confusing and uncomfortable, but the rewards were exemplary! I’ve been given one true gift of motherhood – pure love, the joy and true honor of raising my children. The path isn’t always smooth (the yin-yang you speak of) but anything worth having or doing in this life is worth the discomfort.
    Everything arises from Source and you know when you’ve connected to true Source because it feels like Love. It brings us to joy, laughter and can make us cry. Its what puts Energy in motion (E-motion).
    You know what heals your world and I am so very happy that you are finding your bliss. Keep listening!


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